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Seeds are started – Pepper Garden part I

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This year, we’re going to try and grow most of our garden from seed.

I’ve started the seedlings in a small Gardmen Greenhouse inside, with heat mats and mini incubators.  The temperature so far seems to be around 70 outside the incubators, and around 75-80 inside.  I used Hyrdofarm hot house and heat mats for the bottom 3 shelves, and Sunblaster Nano Dome for the top, since there’s no shelf above to hang a light from.  For lights, I used Sunblaster Nano Tech T5’s, 18 inch.

I’m using peat pellets in one container, and Black Gold in the second, to see which works best.  Hopefully both will be fine, since I didn’t duplicate seeds across containers.

I’ll be growing:

  • Carolina Reaper
  • Douglah
  • Trinidad Scorpion
  • Paper Lantern
  • Savina
  • Red Bhut
  • Yellow Bhut
  • 7 Pot
  • Red Habanero
  • Orange Habanero
  • Jalapeno
  • Anaheim
  • Poblano

In about 2 weeks, I’ll start the second round of vegetables – tomato’s mostly.

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